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Web design and brand development for CV Compost

We completed a full rebrand and website redesign for CV Compost to optimize customers’ online experience when working with the company.

The Client

CV Compost is the original and largest worldwide distributor of ComposTex compost covers. They distribute compost covers around the world to protect active, curing, and finished compost piles from excess rainfall.

Since 1996, CV Compost has helped thousands of compost operations produce high-quality compost for the lowest possible cost, and with the least amount of environmental impact

Scope of Work

After 26+ years of business and 15+ years of operation on an outdated website, CV Compost brought us on to completely revamp their digital experience.

The goal of this project was to provide valuable information to both new and loyal CV Compost customers in a manner that promoted professionalism, user experience, and sales.

Design & Development Process

After refreshing CV Compost’s brand identity, we developed a website that fulfilled the goals set out by the company.

We started with a captivating homepage that featured essential information about the company and its product; built credibility through authentic customer testimonials and several articles from the company and its associates; and introduced an important set of CTAs.

Additionally, we developed a number of pages that provided further, important details about the product, including a comprehensive ‘Product Overview’ page, ‘FAQ’ page, ‘Use & Care Instructions page, and ‘Testimonials’ page. We also developed a ‘Prices & Quote Request Form’ page which provided critical details about the various product options and their corresponding prices, and a comprehensive form to collect the necessary information for CV Compost to generate a price quote and begin the sales process.

Finally, we developed a ‘Resources’ page containing articles written by the company and its associates; an ‘About’ page featuring more information about CV Compost; and a ‘Contact’ page for customers to get in touch.


To build out CV Compost’s brand identity, we started by designing a logo that featured the first part of the company’s name, ‘CV’, encompassed by a semi-circle with an arrow attached next to the second part of the company’s name, ‘Compost’. The design was inspired by the cyclical nature of the composting process, which takes waste and transforms it into valuable, natural fertilizer.

Additionally, we designed a color palette featuring hues of the color green to further represent the earth, the environment, and the recycling process of composting, and acquired relevant imagery to use across the website.

CV Compost
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Web design / Branding

Project Details

CV Compost is a company that distributes compost covers around the world to protect active, curing and finished compost piles from excess rainfall. Compost covers help to achieve optimal aerobic conditions to improve product quality and to reduce odors, leachate, and production costs.

This project involved crafting an entirely new brand identity for CV Compost, including an updated logo, a refreshed color palette, cleaner typography, more accurate imagery, and an overall improved website experience for CVC customers. We started off by identifying the issues with the former CV Compost website and used that as a launchpad to create a strategy to bring users a seamless web experience that would represent the high-quality products provided by the company.

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