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Web design project for Indaba Renewable Fuels

We built a website for Indaba to promote their sustainable aviation jet fuel and demonstrate their vision for the industry.

The Client

Indaba Renewable Fuels California  is a waste-to-energy company that converts plant and animal oils, fats, grease, and municipal solid waste (MSW) into sustainable aviation jet fuel (SAF). The company's mission is to deliver renewable fuel solutions that are environmentally friendly, economically viable, and long-term sustainable.

Scope of Work

Indaba brought us on to completely revamp their website and migrate their hosting platform from Wix to Webflow. The goal of this website development project was to help investors and potential partners understand the company and their positioning in the renewable aviation fuel industry, describe the technology behind their product, and illuminate their vision for the future.

Design & Development Process

When we were tasked with redesigning Indaba's website, we opted to migrate the platform to Webflow, our web design/development, and hosting platform of choice. First, we created a comprehensive design brief, outlining the site's structure, style, and functionality. Using Webflow's intuitive visual interface, we were able to quickly and efficiently translate the design into a fully functional website. We implemented custom animations and interactions to enhance the user experience and ensure that the site was fully responsive across all devices. Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with Indaba's team to ensure  their feedback was incorporated into the final product. The end result was a visually stunning and highly functional website that accurately represented Indaba's brand and values.

Indaba Renewable Fuels
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