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Web design and brand development for Brittan

We crafted a brand identity and website for Brittan Higgins to lay the foundation of his brand and build credibility as he launched his music career.

The Client

Brittan is a singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Burlington, Vermont whose musical style ranges from pop-influenced tunes with dance club bass drops to soulful melodies strummed on his guitar.  

Scope of Work

After deciding to put a pause on his collegiate studies and pursue his career full time, Brittan hired us to help mold his brand identity and design/develop a website that would build his credibility and give his fans an efficient way to access his music on their preferred streaming platform.

Design & Development Process

After conducting a discovery call with Brittan and getting an understanding of his background and the direction he was headed, we tossed on some headphones, queued up his songs on Spotify, and got to work on designing a simple, aesthetic brand identity and website that would build Brittan’s presence within the space.

The result was a brilliantly simple website with elegance at its core that not only gave fans an efficient way to discover this emerging artist’s music but also reinforced an authentic perception of his brand.


When Brittan first came to us, he expressed his vision of a brand that would give fans a genuine understanding of the artist behind the music. Given Brittan’s love of all things water —  an avid sailor, surfer, swimmer, etc. — we drew influence for his brand from this affinity.

The result was a website featuring hues of blue and imagery of ocean waves and sandy beaches representative of the artist.

We also helped Brittan create a simple logo featuring his name in bold letters and a simple icon that would help build further familiarity with the artist’s brand.

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Web design / Branding

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